A mini guide (English)

So, Unobelisk is not only a really really obscure game, but also not the easiest adventure to play blindly, without a guide. Meaning there's no walkthrough available for it (Atleast that i know of, post on the comments if you did one :p), which is kind of problematic for a game full of puzzles and not exactly clear progression.

 This post is meant to help players stuck in Unobelisk, with all the enough steps to finish it. Just keep in mind:

- It goes without saying, but don't read this if you intend to play the game without help. This guide is intended for people that got stuck, or simply find it more fun to just play games following a guide.

 - This guide doesn't covers the optional upgrade modules. It may be in the future, who knows.

- This guide also doesn't cover optimal strategies to defeat bosses or regular enemies.

- There's no spoiler function on itch posts, unfortunately. Try to use ctrl f  to find the part you're stuck without reading about anything else, if you don't want to use the guide for everything.

- The game is fairly non-linear, which means you can get the Chosen One items in any order or sometimes even before visiting specific areas.  The steps to get some items will be despicted in some parts of the guide but can be required in others, so keep that in mind if you want to do stuff in a different order. This is by no means a "canon" order or anything, by the way.


1 - First minutes, and reaching the Factory  [G1]

2 - Reaching Junkyard [G2]

3 - Reaching the Tower of Light [G3]

4 - Body of the Chosen One [G4]

5 - Reaching the Gardens [G5]

6 - Soul of the Chosen One [G6]

7 - Mind of the Chosen One [G7]

8 - Heart of the Chosen One [G8]

9 - Pyramidion and final moments [G9]

1 - First minutes, and reaching the Factory  [G1]

- Starting the game in Subject Room 1, the first important item to progress is the Crank, that can be found in the Safe Room of the Test Dorms.

- Use the Crank in the "mysterious device with a square hole", on Stargazer's Hall. Access to the Dorms Basement will be open.

- Explore the Dorms Basement to find a Screwdriver. It's located at the northernmost part of the area.

- Go to the Table Room, and use the Screwdriver in the duct to the northeast of the room.  After that, just follow the linear path to the Factory.

2 - Reaching Junkyard [G2]

- In the Subject Room 5 (Test Dorms), push the bed until it's above the red floor, and the top center shelf will open, revealing the Junky Story. Using the item will reveal another one, the Stainless Spatula.

- In the Light Room (Factory), there's a box tied with a rope. Interacting with this box will give Uno not only some upgrade modules, but also the Steel Rope.

- Returning to Test Dorms, in the Subject Room 3, there's a crack on the floor. Use the Stainless Spatula on it to make a hole. Use the Steel Rope on the hole to get access to the Junkyard.

3 - Reaching the Tower of Light [G3]

- In the Engine Room (Factory), you will find a blue lever. Activate it Upwards, to turn on the power of the East Hall's second floor. Don't forget to pick the Portable Heater, in the path of the center.

- In East Hall 2F (Factory), 2 red statues can be seen at the center of the area, a bat statue and a bee statue. To put the bee statue on the right place, push it to north one time, and west 4 times, then press the blue button to activate the fan. For the bat statue, just push it 4 times to the east, but only after the bee statue is out of the way. After solving this puzzle, the way to the Reunion room is open.

- In the Reunion Room (Factory), get the Locked Suitcase. Use the item, and insert the code 789, to open it. There's a Subject Key Alpha inside.

- Time to return to the Engine Room (Factory), but to put the blue lever downwards this time, to turn on the power of the Production line room, accessed from the East Hall 1F. 

- In the Production Line 2F, there's a device that looks like the restoration chamber, but in orange instead of purple. Use the Subject Key Alpha on the panel near it to upgrade Uno's armor.  Along with the extra maximum HP,  Uno can pass through strong air currents because of the armor upgrade.

- Now it's time to face the spark generator rooms (Can be accessed from the West Hall 1F of the Factory)  to reach the West Hall 2F. Once in the West Hall 2F, kick the boxes on the stairs at the top center of the area to make a shortcut to the first floor.

- At the northeast part of West Hall 2F (Factory), there's some huge fans and a locked door. Use the Portable Heater in the device located at the left of the door, to open it.

- Now, your path to the Tower of Light is pretty much "open". In the new part of the Air Ducts, you can open a shortcut to the area between the Test Dorms and the Factory (From the area that has access to the Air Condit. Room, go left when there's a fork, and down in the area with 4 ways to eventually reach the shortcut). To reach the Tower of Light, go right when there's a fork.

4 - Body of the Chosen One [G4]

- Note: It's important to get this item before reaching the Gardens to get a missable upgrade module.

- In Stargazer's Secret (Junkyard), a safe will be revealed after defeating a Leonard. Use the code 83691 to open it, so you can get the Lotus Key.

- In Lotus Corridor (Tower of Light 3F), use the Lotus Key in the door at the center of the area, to reach the Meditation Room.

- In Meditation Room (Tower of Light 3F), you will notice a big statue with arms that represents clock pointers (Naturally, the long arm is the minutes, short arm the hours). You can change the pointers pressing the switchs on the floor accordingly, and use the purple console near the statue to input the current time.  Also, there's two switches on the floor to change the room to night and day, which influences the input (If  the room is on "night", the minute pointer on 15 and hour pointer on 3 means 3:15 AM). To solve the puzzle, you need to input 3 specific times in the right order. The 3 times are: 9:15 AM -> 6:45 PM -> 12:00 PM (Midnight). After solving the puzzle, the statue will reveal the item Inner Light.

- After getting through the Spark Generator rooms and reaching the West Hall 2F of the Factory (Don't forget the shortcut pushing the boxes on the stairs), you have access to the Factory Archives. Inside this room, a tiny shelf can be seen next to the entrance, which should be pushed until it's above the crack on the floor (Pushing it 8 times to the west). You can jump through this hole, to reach the Glass Room.

- In the Glass Room (Factory), get the Losango Key in one of the school desks. Now the door to the West hall 1F can be unlocked.

- In the Table Room (Test Dorms), use the Losango Key on the locked door, so you can enter The Hideout.

- In The Hideout (Test Dorms), there's a pc that can be used, so do that. Finish the game Sokobanishment to get the item Wavdect.001, after revealing the icon of the item on the desktop. Sokobanishment is a sokoban minigame, with 3 short stages, that can be accessed from the pc.

- In the Light Room (Factory), sit on the chair, which will unlock the door to the Junkyard Dump (If you have the Inner Light), giving you access to a completely new part of the Junkyard, in a one way fall.

- In Dump Bottom (Junkyard), use the Losango Key on the locked door to access the Lower Office.

- There's another pc in Lower office (Junkyard), with another variation of Sokobanishment. Finish it to get the item Wavdect.002, after revealing the icon of the item on the desktop.

- You can access the Development Office (Factory) in a door from the Spark Generator 1F, to  play the final variation of Sokobanishment, but only if you finished the other 2. After finishing it, the icon "Wave Detector" will be revealed in the desktop, so get it.

- With the Wave Detector in hands, go to the Glass Room (Factory), to listen your new item beeping, meaning there's something invisible to interact. The invisible box can be located next to the humanoid replicas, with a button inside. Press it.  Another beep can be heard, and the second invisible box is found at the top left school desk. Pressing the second button will open a door in the glass.

- Proceeding through the glass, you will find the Body of the Chosen One, and a boss fight with the Subject 6 X.

5 - Reaching the Gardens [G5]

- Note: You will need the Inner Light and Wave Detector to reach the Gardens. The steps to get these items can be seen on the topic about the Body of the Chosen One.

- You have to solve a puzzle in Light Hall 2F (Tower of Light) to unlock the Tower's lift. The 4 devices at the top of the room need to be activated in the right order, which is, from the left to the right: The 3rd device -> The 1st device -> The 2nd device -> The 4th Device. A sound of glass breaking can be heard, meaning the Lift can be accessed on the room called...Lift Access! (Sorry :p)

- In Resource Room (Tower of Light 6F), get one of each material item (P, R, M, I, O,  S, Q, N). Proceed to the Experiment Room.

- In Experiment Room (Tower of Light 6F), push the tiny shelf (With a flask above it)  to the purple floor. In the machine next to it, you'll have to use some of the materials obtained in the Resource Room, in a specific order.  The order is, P -> R -> M -> I.  The item PRMI Dissolver will be created. Use the machine again to dissolve the purple floor, revealing a hole. Jump on it.

- After the jump from the Experiment Room, you will reach the Control Room (Tower of Light 5F). At the top right part of the room, there's a panel with several keys, but you can only get one. Get the Red Air Control Key. You can unlock the door at the top center to access the Light Hall 5F.

- At the Tower Office (Tower of Light 3F), there's a really weird pc, use it. Click on the purple floor icon to reveal a fake wall in the room. Out of the pc, use the item PRMI dissolver on the purple wall, to reveal the true Tower Office.

- There's another pc, a real one this time, on the real Tower Office. If you have the Wave Detector, click on the Perfume Detector icon to get the item variation.

Time to explore the Air Ducts a little more. There's a room with 4 ways in it, (next to the area of the shortcut) so go for the east way to find a locked door, some fans and a blue wall. Use the Air Control Key (Only the Red one will work) to open the Air Control Room.

- In the Air Control Room (Air Ducts), there's a lever to deactivate the flow of oxygen in the lower parts of the Obelisk. Pressing this lever before defeating the Subject 6 X will make the player lose a missable upgrade module forever, but also skip that boss fight. It's your call.  After pressing the lever, there will be no more air running through the ducts.

- With the Perfume Detector in hands, plus the flow of oxygen deactivated, go back to the 4 way room, but going to north this time.

- The section ahead is some kind of labyrinth, that you will solve with the help of the Perfume Detector. It's actually impossible to reach the Gardens without the item, so don't even try. You'll hear some beeps only if Uno is on the right path of the labyrinth, so not listening to it for a long time probably means  you screwed up (Return to a previous point if that happens).

- In the end of the path, you'll reach the Secret Shelter. From there, the way to the Gardens is completely linear.

6 - Soul of the Chosen One [G6]

- Note: You will need the Inner Light and Wave Detector to get it. The steps to get these items can be seen on the topic about the Body of the Chosen One.

- In Dump Bottom (Junkyard), you can see a Nerve Battery, near the point where Uno fell from the Factory. Get it. 

- If you got a Wave Detector, it will beep if you enter Rock Bottom (Junkyard). There's an invisible box at the center of the room, revealing a Brain Battery inside.

- In The Pit (Junkyard), check the structure that looks like a stone silo, you can get the Broken Muscle Battery inside.

- In the Repair Room (Factory, it's near where Uno used the Subject Key Alpha to upgrade its armor),  use the Broken Muscle Battery in the gray colored repair device, to get a Muscle Battery.

- Return to The Pit in Junkyard and open the structure again. You probably already noticed 3 slots for batteries there, so time to use the Nerve Battery, Brain Battery and Muscle Battery. A tentacle will emerge from the ground, giving the Soul of the Chosen One to Uno, but another one will block the exit. Time to fight Howard Visser, Junkyard's boss fight.

7 - Mind of the Chosen One [G7]

- This item can only be obtained if you already have access to both the Tower of Light and the Gardens.

- In Resource Room (Tower of Light 6F), get the Portable Chainsaw on the table.

- Go to the Path of the Faces (Gardens), and talk to the Angry Face. It demands a specific password to open the way to Fallen Tree Courtyard, which is "hard" (In lower case). 

- After getting to Fallen Tree Courtyard (Gardens), use the Portable Chainsaw in the square trunk to get a Wood Plank.

- There's a huge hole in the stairs that connects the 6th and 7th floors in the Tower of Light. Use the Wood Plank as a Bridge to pass through it.

- In the Hall of the Colors (Tower of Light 7F), you need to press the magnetic switches to put each iron ball on a specific color and sound: The one at the center left (Near the entrance) is Purple; Put Green on the one located at the bottom left; The one mostly at the center is Yellow; The one at the bottom right is Red; Use Blue for the top right. This will open the gate at the Maze of the Mindful One, in the first floor of the tower.

- Go to the Maze of the Mindful One (Tower of Light 1F), and only follow the path that has eagles printed in the wall, instead of horses. Eagles will bring you to the right path, and horses to traps. At the end of the maze, get ready to fight B.E Holder, the Tower of Light boss. The Mind of the Chosen One will be obtained after the fight.

8 - Heart of the Chosen One [G8]

- For this one, access to the Gardens and the item Portable Chainsaw is required.

- In Mist Woods (Gardens), use the Portable Chainsaw at the weird trunk at the top right of this area, to get the Wood Bucket.

- Get water from the Artificial Puddle (Gardens) using the Wood Bucket. The item will turn into the Water Bucket.

- In Pathfinder's Pass (Gardens), use the Water Bucket in the tiny branch near the chasm. The branch will turn into a bridge, making possible the access to the Realm of the Verdant King.

- In the Factory Archives, look for a text file about trash bags.

- Go to the Maze of Trash (Junkyard), and look for a spot with lots of green trash bags, in the northwest of the area. You'll find the Herbicide Poison there.

- Return to the Artificial Puddle (Gardens), to use the Herbicide Poison (The item is called Planticide Poison sometimes, i should probably change that) in the device next to it, poisoning its water. Use the Wood Bucket in the water now to get the Poison Water Bucket.

- In Huge Trunk Entrance (Gardens), use the Poison Water Bucket in the green mushrooms, revealing a mini boss fight with Piltzintecuhtli. The way to the Huge Trunk Base is open after that.

- The Wave Detector will beep in Huge Trunk Treetop. The Portable Chainsaw can be used again in the tile at the center right of the area, where Uno can perceive a thin layer. This will open the Birdman's Nest.

- Inside the Birdman's Nest, a fight with the Gardens boss, Pavo Reyes. The Heart of the Chosen One is obtained after that.

9 - Pyramidion and final moments [G9]

- To reach the Pyramidion, the final area of the game, the 4 Chosen One items are required. From the Light Hall 6F (Tower of Light), you can get to The Silent Bridge (Gardens), which access the Room of the 4 Artifacts (Also Gardens). In this room, the 4 Chosen One items can be inserted in the board to call a Cable Car, transporting Uno directly to the Pyramidion. However, it's necessary to defeat the mini boss Anansi before that.

- Inside the Pyramidion, you'll reach a fork eventually. Each way has different enemies and puzzles, and ends in the same room, so the player is free to choose it. The way of the left has lot of enemies, and is probably not recommended without a specific strategy. The way of the right is full of short puzzles and obstacles, that doesn't require any kind of specific item to be completed.

- In the end of both ways, lies the Clash Room (Pyramidion), where there's a boss fight with Subject 2 Dune. It's impossible to win without the final mandatory upgrade, and Dune itself teleports Uno to the entrance of the Pyramidion if that is the case. Time to get this final upgrade.

- Go to the Path of the Faces (Gardens), and talk with the Scared Face. It demands a specific password, not unlike Angry Face. The password is "nothing" (In lower case). Saying the correct password will open the obelisk replica at the center left of the area. Inside it, get the Cage Key.

- Without Pavo Reyes, the statue puzzle in Archery Zone (Gardens) can be solved without further interruptions. The statue with a curved, needle hand, goes to the blue floor; The statue with a giant bow is meant for the yellow floor; The statue that seems to scratch its own back goes to the green floor; The last one, with a little bow almost at the height of its own raised leg, will be placed in the red floor. This will reveal a Cage, that can be open with the Cage Key. 4 Specific enemies will escape from the Cage, and Uno need to find them.

- In the Subject Room 4 (Test Dorms), talk with Subject 4 Tetras. If the cage in Archery Zone is open, the Azure Hunter will appear in the Dorms Corridor after this. Defeat the Azure Hunter and get the Azure Medal.

- Insert the Azure Medal in the Archer Statue of the Stargazer's Hall (Test Dorms).

- If you visit the Maze of Trash (Junkyard) now, a red mist can be perceived, draining 1 HP (3 in challenge mode) from Uno every second. Find the Scarlet Hunter in the northwest part of the area, and defeat it. Get the Scarlet Medal.

- Insert the Scarlet Medal in the Archer Statue of the Dump Bottom (Junkyard).

- Go to the Statue Hall (Tower of Light 4F), to find the Golden Hunter at the entrance. After defeating it and getting the Golden Medal, you have 50 seconds (30 in challenge mode), to insert the medal in the Archer Statue located at the same room. If you fail, the Golden Hunter will revive, steal your Golden Medal, and you'll have to fight it again.

- In Archer's Hideout (Gardens), you can find the Verdant Hunter. Defeat it and get the Verdant Medal.

- Insert the Verdant Medal on the Archer Statue in Realm of the Verdant Lord (Gardens).

- With all the medals inserted in their respective statues, it's time to pay a visit to West Hall 2F (Factory). The device at the center will open, with a Subject Key Omega inside. Get it.

- In Production Line 2F (Factory), insert the Subject Key Omega in the same panel you put the Subject Key Alpha, previously. Uno will get its final mandatory upgrade, to have a chance against Dune.

- Return to Pyramidion for the second round, choose one of the 2 ways again and defeat Dune. After this, the path for the final boss of Unobelisk is completely linear.

- I just forgot, there's one more puzzle between Dune and the final boss. In Path of the Chosen One (Pyramidion), you'll find 6 lion head statues, in the colors red, blue and gray, each one with some kind of device next to it. Pressing the devices will insert or retire a "muzzle" from the Lion's mouth. Put the muzzle in the 2 blue lions and the gray lion of the right and  retire the muzzle from the 2 red lions and the gray lion of the left. The final path will open.

So that's it. There's still details about different dialogues in the ending, optional upgrade modules or enemies strategy to tackle, but everything posted here is enough to make the player not stuck. Unless you're stuck on a tough enemy, so yeah.

Any kind of feedback, just post in the comments.

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Really nice idea! I liked the game but got stuck, now I will come back to it, thanks.

You're welcome :)

Yeah, the exploration/puzzle part of Unobelisk is definitely inspired by games that i would never finish without a guide myself haha